Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nativities for Comfort Quilts

A friend of mine and her husband have started Comfort Quilts. 

Comfort Quilts is a non-profit cause that makes quilts and other items for families of public safety personnel who die in the line of duty.  Uniforms and/or personal clothing items worn by these heroes are transformed into quilts and other items which are provided to the family and department at no cost, with the hope that it will bring some sort of peace and comfort in the midst of their tragedy.  These items are made to celebrate and honor the life, profession, and memory of these fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  These items are also made to honor the families who loved and supported them as they went out the door each day to Protect & Serve others.

Check them out: 

As the wife on an officer, I feel moved by their service.  I have decided to make nativity sets to sell with all profits going to fund these quilts and help comfort these families.

If you would like a set, please please email me at  They come in black or brown and are $15 per set.  Each set is made from solid pine and is packaged up in a cute paper sack with ribbon and a tag detailing the cause.

With permission from Melinda from Under My Umbrella, I am using her pattern.

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