Saturday, February 13, 2010

My New Old Treasure

My fabulous mother in law found a copy of "The Magic of Wheat Cookery" (aka MWC) on eBay and bought it for ME! What a sweetie she is!

I am so excited to try everything in this cookbook! It is an "oldie" published in 1984.

I am making two of the recipes tomorrow for Valentine's Day. Here is our V Day menu:

White Bean and Spinach Soup with Tomato Basil Turkey Sausage - a recipe from my sister in law... Except I am using Spinach instead of kale, since that is what I have.

Whole Wheat French Onion Bread - from the MWC cookbook

Whole Wheat Heart shaped Carrot Cake with Cream cheese frosting - from the MWC cookbook

If all goes well and tastes yummy I will post these recipes!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!

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