Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm Done!

Today I bound my lap quilt and washed it. It is now done and ready to be shipped off to someone special!

Now I need to get to work getting Brooky's pink quilt top finished!

And tomorrow... Maybe make some cool heart bean bags!

Night night!


  1. It looks great!
    What are you making the bean bags for? I have tons of dried beans if you need some!

  2. Beautiful, Sheena! Who is the lucky beneficiary??

  3. Joy: just making them for fun. I think I will take one to church for my Primary class and use it to call on children to talk. It would be a fun way to get then involved in discussing things!

    Annie: The quilt is for my mom. Her birthday is next week so I am mailing it out today! She checks the blog occassionally, but not often and is not very computer savy so I doubt she will read these comments.... let's hope not! ;) Hey did you know Aunt Ruth is an amazing quilter and has her own company?! I just found that out. Check her out:




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