Thursday, March 4, 2010

For the Chap Stick Addict

Those of you who know me well, know that I am addicted to chap stick. Not just any chap stick.... Melaleuca chap stick. In my book it is the only one that works wonders!

But whatever brand you like... Look at these awesome chap stick cozies I just made! Now all I need is to go buy some key rings! Check out the tutorial HERE at Tina's Place. I did change mine a little by using my sewing machine to stitch a button hole instead of using gromets. I don't have gromets or a gromet tool and instead of spending the money to get them, I figured a button hole would work just fine!

All you need is 1 1/2 inch ribbon, some pins and a sewing machine. Oh and key rings which I still need to go buy.

No more lost tubes of chap stick!!

Oooooo and stay tuned for a whole wheat egg noodle recipe!  My sis in law just emailed me a recipe to try!  I will post after I make them....looks like we will be having Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner!!!

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