Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recipe of the Month PRIZE!!!

I have been thinking and thinking....

WHAT should the PRIZE be for the lucky cook who participates in Recipe of the Month Challenge this November?

I decided to have 2 winners this month and give them each 2 of these fun chapstick holders!!!

Put it on your keys and your chapstick will never be lost again (unless you lose your keys) and it won't get all soft and mushy in your pocket!

The winners get to pick from the following colors/patterns. Sorry Daddy Chefs.... I only have one "manish" pattern.... blue camo.

Head on over to the Recipe of the Month page and get cooking.

The Recipe of the Month for November 2010 are yummy breakfast muffins that have whole wheat, fruits AND veggies in them. They are so tasty that your kids will be begging for more.

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